Euro Zone debt Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Two of the most topical areas of debate within and about the EU are the ongoing EuroZone Debt crisis and whether the UK
through a public referendum will exit the EU. These two areas due to their implications for national sovereign and future
direction of the EU are central to the future of the EU. The EuroZone Debt Crisis has even been linked to the survival of the
European Union itself :“”If we don’t survive with the eurozone we will not survive with the European Union,” European
Council President Herman von Rompuy said” (Deutsche Welle 2010).
what is required is to
1. The United Kingdom will be the first EU country to hold a referendum on whether to exit the European Union later this
year. Discuss some arguments that the AntiEU
Groups/Lobby could use as defence for a VOTE for the United Kingdom to
exit the EU.
up two basic interviews as required above, it doesnt have to be a very specialist opinion just general knowledge.
Carry out two or more interview(s) or discussions with two or more EU citizens. These EU citizens should have some
knowledge/awareness of the EuroZone Debt Crisis and the fact the UK is voting to exit the EU. These EU citizens could
include a family member/friend, random student/lecturer or random person on the street. However you must include this
person(s) name and contact details but no two project groups can interview the same person(s). The full transcript of the
interview(s) should be included in appendix at the end of the project (not counted as part of word count) but the interview
summary and an analysis including what your groups has learned from the interviews should be included within the
project. The purpose of the interviews is to try (i) to ascertain these EU citizens’ knowledge or lack of knowledge about the
EuroZone Debt Crisis (you should not provide the interviewee with any extra information). (ii) To find out these EU citizens
opinions on whether the EuroZone Debt Crisis has impacted their view on whether their member state should remain in or
join the EuroZone and why? (iii) If their EU country was to hold a similar referendum to the UK on exiting the EU, which way
would they vote and why? If the UK does vote to withdraw from the EU would this change their mind or not?
5. The groups’ own insights, policy recommendations and ideas about (i) whether the EuroZone Debt Crisis is over or not
(ii) will the UK Vote to exit the European Union or not in your groups’ opinion? (iii) Assume the UK did Vote to exit the EU
later this year. What does your group think would the likely effects/changes on the EU itself?