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Essay 2 should provide a more detailed account of the environmental impacts associated with the product or service selected in Essay 1 which is CocaCola Glass Bottle. (Will add later an essay 1, so you can have a rough idea). On the basis of this analysis, you should discuss how these environmental impacts can be mitigated.
The essay should include a literature review section which will address the main debates around sustainable development.
Your answer should draw on secondary research regarding production and consumption data on the product or service. You should identify the actors involved and consider the role of technological innovation and environmental regulation in promoting sustainable practices.

-Structure of the Essay (Essay Style, use subheadings to indicate the main sections of the essay)
-The introduction should justify the choice of the product or service and explain the aims of the essay. You can mention the essay outline before moving to the main body of the essay
-Literature Review
The essay should include a literature review in order to address some main concepts and questions in the area of sustainable development. You could consider issues such as:
The origins and meaning of the sustainable development concept. What is a sustainable business?
The relation between economic growth, consumption and sustainability
The role of efficiency in achieving sustainability
How can the environmental impacts of products and services be assessed?
-Analysis of the environmental impacts of the product/service
This section should provide a more detailed analysis of the environmental impacts you have identified in Essay 1.
You can research if any environmental impact assessment techniques, such as Lifecycle Assessment, have been applied to the topic in published academic papers
You could evaluate which of the impacts is more significant
Your research may indicate different evaluations exist for the same topic- many topics are complex to provide a single answer
-Discuss how the environmental impacts can be mitigated
What type of actors could help alleviate the environmental impacts? (Business , consumer groups, government or NGOs may be relevant actor groups)
Which measures could reduce the environmental impacts of the product/service? Have any relevant measures been applied already?
Could technological innovation make the product or service more sustainable?
Could the product or service become more efficient?-Is there any possibility of the rebound effect?
Is there any evidence that regulatory measures would be helpful?
Is there a need to diminish consumption of the product/service? What alternative options exist? (e.g. replacing short-haul flights with rail travel)
You can discuss the suggested ways for mitigating the environmental impacts in the context of theoretical debates about sustainability (such as the relation between improved efficiency and sustainable development goals)
-Conclusion (maximum 400 words)
Summarise the environmental impacts and how they could be alleviated
Suggested Sources:
Journal of Industrial Ecology
Global Environmental Change
Ecological Economics
Sustainable Development
Journal of Cleaner Production
Business Strategy & the Environment
Energy Policy
www.wrap.org.uk/ information on improving efficiency, recycling and the circular economy
www.epa.gov US Environmental Protection Agency
www.forumforthefuture.org Independent organisation working with businesses in sustainability projects
www.green-alliance.org.uk/ sustainability charity
https://www.aldersgategroup.org.uk/ business sustainability group
www.unep.org Link to the United Nations Environmental Programme
https://ec.europa.eu/environment/eussd/ European Union sustainability portal
Books: Books
Blowfield, M. (2013). Business and sustainability. Oxford University Press.
Dresner, S. (2008). The principles of sustainability. Earthscan.
Starkey, R.; Welford, R. (2001). The Earthscan reader in business and sustainable development. Earthscan
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