Environmental controversies (sand oil in Alberta)

1-proposal: will be evaluated according to the following criteria:_x000D_
-ability to clarify the projects overall purpose and potential contribution to knowledge._x000D_
-ability to justify the choice of theories and concept(if applicable) and methods(required)_x000D_
2-annotated bibliography with annotations for 6 academic sources, I.r, journal and scientific articles._x000D_
There is a minimum of 2 sources from the list of required reading ( I’ll send u this two articles)_x000D_
You should for this part:_x000D_
-concisely summarize the article’s key points and arguments_x000D_
-briefly discuss how the articles related to your chosen essay topic, or supports your argument_x000D_
Annotations should be no more than 300 words and use a recognized referencing style (e.g, MLA, APA, Chicago, etc)_x000D_
The research should be focus on a controversy or environmental governance issue._x000D_
So feel free to change the topic Or you can keep the_x000D_
same topic but you can be change the form of the topic. It is up to you_x000D_
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