Effective Executive Coaching Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

1.What is the book about, what is the author tying to do?
2.  What have you got out of the book? What is the overall message it conveys? How does it relate to you as a professional coach? (Please insert your thoughts and I am happy to edit)
3. What do you like or agree with from the book? Why? Give examples from your experience, or hypothetically, what do you question or disagree with from the book? Why? Give examples.
Choose particular aspects or a section of the book that you would apply to your coaching practice and discuss how and why you would do this. Give examples. (Please insert your thoughts and I am happy to edit)
4. Put yourself in the author’s shoes. What would you have done differently? What is your overall impression of the book related to the author’s aims and purposes? Recommendations?

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