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Looking for a 40 page literature review that covers the elements below. The broad topic is summer bridge programs. These 3-6 week programs help students gain access to college, particularly students of color.

Introduction: Who traditionally attends college? What shifts have there been in who can and should go to college? How is the US moving toward a “college for all” approach? What is the importance of college in terms of the economy and social mobility?

Topic 1: (problem focus) Broadly, the challenge of college access. What are the barriers that prevents certain populations from attending college? Especially the challenge of college access for special populations (e.g., students of color).

Topic 2: (problem focus ) Broadly, the challenge of college success/retention. What factors contribute to a student’s success once they get into college? What factors contribute to a student’s failure once they get into college?Especially challenges for special populations (e.g., students of color).

Topic 3: Overview of the types of strategies colleges are utilizing to help students of color enter (access) and graduate (success/retention) from college (including summer bridge programs). Describe shared features/strategies that colleges use. What is know about their success/failure? Should include programs in Maryland and the Northeast when possible.

Topic 4: An overview of summer bridge program research and findings. How do summer bridge programs help students integrate into college socially and academically? What do we know about summer bridge programs? What do we want to know? Where is there a gap?

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