Education Research Perspectives PG Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Module 1 Conduct a critical analysis of the literature (500 words)
Examine the following questions:
1. How do you identify, review, critically analyze and relate existing literature to your research?
2. How do you develop and refine research questions?

Developing a literature review EQUELLA Resource
Undertaking a literature review: A step-by-step approach. EQUELLA Resource

Supplementary Material
Professional learning communities and student achievement: a meta analysis File
A review of research on the impact of PLCs on teaching practice and student learning File
Contrived collegiality versus genuine collegiality Ting Wang
Module 2 Research design and research methods (500 words)
Examine the following questions:
◦ How do you evaluate a range of methodologies and methods in terms of their use and application?
◦ How do you develop an approach to your research that examines information related to the context of the study, who will be involved in the study, how the data will be collected and analysed?
A framework for design File
Selecting a methodology EQUELLA Resource
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