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Formal Research Project: 200 points
(Up to 100 for first draft and up to 100 for final paper)
You will submit a “major” research paper on a Health topic of your choosing. This paper will be presented in a formal APA
style, 12 point font, with the following sections:
o Cover Page
o Abstract
o Table of Contents
o Introduction
o Literature Review
o Discussion
o Summary
o Recommendations (as needed)
o References
As you prepare for graduation you should not only be able to write but should be acquainted with the basics of formal
presentation, literature reviews, abstracts, etc. I will not put a page minimum on this paper, but suffice it to say it is expected
that you will put considerable effort into this writing project. If you expect full credit, I would not suggest that you submit less
than 1012
pages of text. You should delve into your topic thoroughly enough that it will take that much to discuss your subject
matter effectively and convincingly.
Please begin now to give thought to your topic and begin to collect articles, reference materials, etc. You should use no less
than 15 scholarly references. Wikipedia and “loose” internet sources are not generally considered “scholarly” in nature and
will not be accepted as references. You should use the library data bases, .gov, .edu and .org sites if you obtain material from
If the topic of your research requires you to use other websites for reference, please use these IN ADDITION to the 15
scholarly references.
The Formal Research Project will be a “work in progress” over the course of the semester and encourages
reading/writing/critical thinking which requires acknowledging multiple points of view and the use of writing to understand
others’ ideas and to think through your own ideas in increasingly complex terms.
This project will emphasize writing process strategies, including development and revision. Research, reading and writing
activities are ways to investigate and discover new information and ideas. Revision is a way to continually rethink
and reshape
your ideas and presentation of information gleaned.
The final paper will be a formal work including the common writing practices of summary, paraphrase, quotation, and
appropriate citation, all based on the American Psychological Association style.
Upon successful completion of the Research