developing a program in Python Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

This document should be approximately two pages double spaced, with at least three references. In your proposal, you must
state clearly what your project topic is, present basic information/facts regarding the topic (with appropriate citations), why
this topic interests you, anticipate preliminary work that must be done for you to complete your project, and lastly what you
hope to learn/achieve from this project.
Proposals will be graded based on clarity, organization, use of facts and
references, and the overall quality of the proposal.
The topic of your project can be developing a program in Python, use of computing in your major or a field that you are
interested in, a survey of a particular topic of computing, recent developments in a particular computing field, comparing
two or more significant computing technologies, ethical issues of a particular computing field or technology, etc.
Start thinking right away about what you would like to code/learn more about. Let me know if you are having difficulty coming
up with a topic.