Delivering Customer Value

Tesco has earlier this year sacked its board and appointed a new board with a new chief executive. The new chief executive has a €˜blank sheet of paper€™ to determine the company€™s future. The shareholders are demanding radical change at Britain€™s biggest grocer._x000D_
Your team represents a group of marketing consultants with experience of driving innovation in large organisations._x000D_
You have been asked to meet the new chief executive of Tesco and senior colleagues at Head Office and suggest ways in which Tesco can respond to the disruptive innovation strategies being used by other organisations with the market._x000D_
This assessment contains one task with two components, both of which must be completed._x000D_
Your specific task is to;_x000D_
€¢ Identify and evaluate the disruptive strategic innovations developed by the key competitors to Tesco, such as Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Sainsbury€™s, morrisson ( but not exclusively)_x000D_
€¢ Recommend and justify a suitable response by Tesco which can be agreed by the board_x000D_
Time Available_x000D_
You have 15 minutes to make your presentation and afterwards there will be a short period following the presentation to take questions from the board._x000D_
€¢ Your presentation and supporting documents will be assessed according to the criteria below. Presentations are scheduled to take place in weeks 9 and 10_x000D_
For your work to be assessed you must; have mailed one copy of your presentation to your tutor._x000D_
By 10.00am on the morning of the presentation together with your Contribution Log and the signed confirmation of the mark allocation._x000D_
€¢ All teams must complete one electronic copy of the assessment form to accompany the presentation and bring along two copies of the presentation which must be printed off with four slides to a page and be accompanied by the student declaration form._x000D_
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