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Debate portfolio contents about Syria refugees in US

Part I

For each debate in which you were an audience member:

Summarize the main arguments of the affirmative side

Summarize the main arguments of the negative side

Write a paragraph about an ethical issue raised in the debate and explain one way of resolving it, making clear what ethical system you are applying. (Appeal to virtues, appeal to rights and responsibilities, appeal to consequences)

Explain which side you think won the debate and why.

There will be reports on two debates in this section.

Part II

For the one debate you participated in

1 Explain how you contributed in the research and preparation stage of the debate.

2 What role did you play on debate day? Evaluate your own performance.

Part III

Write an editorial (600 words) about one of the debate topics (it does not have to be the one you debated), choosing the side you believe in. If you choose an historical topic, you have the option of pretending to be writing in the time period this was occurring or you can judge past actions and policies from the present.


Please double space all answers and turn the portfolio in as one file. If you quote or cite information from any sources in your editorial or elsewhere in the portfolio, credit the source and include a works cited page in each applicable section.
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