current security situation in South Africa

In October 2015 the Australian cricket team was due to travel to Bangladesh for a series against the Bangladeshi cricket team. Due to security concerns, including attacks on tourists, and domestic instability, the tour was cancelled just days prior to travel. The fallout of this cancellation was embarrassing for the Australian and Bangladeshi cricket boards, and for the Bangladeshi Government._x000D_
The Australian team is now due to play a series in South Africa in March 2016. In order to prevent a repeat of the embarrassing and reactive cancellation of the Bangladesh tour the security concerns in South Africa need to be identified and monitored in advance._x000D_
Review and briefly outline the current security situation in South Africa. Provide an assessment on the five (5) most significant threats to the security of the travelling team. In doing so identify factors (whether they be social, political, economic) that might indicate the threat is becoming significant enough to cancel the tour.