Cultural Conflict Analysis

Cultural Conflict Analysis

Type of document           Research Paper

Number of pages 5

Subject area       Psychology

Academic Level Undergraduate

Style      APA

Number of sources/references 7

Order description:

Part 1 – *TOPIC* Transgender vs Anti-Transgender

Part 2 – Cultural Conflict

  1. Review and implement any recommendations from your instructor from Part 1: Transgender vs Anti-gender
  2. Thoroughly research and describe the conflict(s) chosen from Part 1:Transgender vs anti-transgender
  3. Write an analysis paper that Includes:

 The history of the conflict(s): Who, what, when, where, and how?

 This history of the conflict(s) in respect to your selected opposing cultural groups.

 The impact the conflict(s) has had on the selected opposing cultural groups.

 Compare the conflict from the perspective of the two opposing cultural groups

  1. • Anti-transgender violence and harassment.

o             Harm to one self. (suicide)

o             Getting abused by others

  1. • Religion against being transgender.

o             Most religions will not allow this to happen. Ie. Catholics, muslims, Christians, ect.

 Discuss how emotion, motivation, and socialization of the opposing cultural

groups, contribute to the social conflict(s).

 Include specific examples of how the social perception, cognition, and interaction

of the opposing cultural groups contributes to the social conflicts’ existence.

 Demonstrate critical-thinking-skills by evaluating the cause and realistic options

to resolve the conflict.

 Elaborate on how your worldview/faith and having a multicultural awareness

impacts your perception of the conflict and your approach to resolving it.

  1. Submit your paper.

Cultural Conflict Analysis paper describing the conflict(s) from Part 1: Cultural Groups

Selection and addressing all topics listed in the assignment

 Specific formatting – APA formatting.

 Title page

 Reference page

 5 Pages

 Minimum of 5 sources, 3 must be scholarly sources.

 Submission will be checked for plagiarism

The Tutor approved for the transgender topics that I have listed in the details
• Anti-transgender violence and harassment.
o Harm to one self. (suicide)
o Getting abused by others
2. • Religion against being transgender.
o Most religions will not allow this to happen. Ie. Catholics, muslims, Christians, ect.

Just need to follow instructions after the part 1