Critical analysis of a movie (THE GODDESS (1934) or KING OF MASKS (1996).

Project instructions:

Write a critical analysis of one of the two China’s movies (both have English subtitles):

> THE GODDESS (1934)
> KING OF MASKS (1996)

This essay is a critical analysis. It should be an insightful essay, not just a simple retelling of the story

!!!Important: Do NOT write a review.

The topic can be of your own choice, or based on one of the examples below:

> 1. Write an analysis of the silent classic THE GODDESS (1934).
> 2. Discuss Ruan Lingyu�s performance in THE GODDESS.
> 3. Analize the film KING OF MASKS (1996), focusing on its theme.

Grading will be based on the clarity of your thesis, the insightfulness and cohesiveness of your argument, and appropriate use of secondary sources.


1) 4 full pages (A4, font 12, double space)

2) Margin requirement: 1 inch all around;

3) Quality, not quantity, is stressed;

4) It�s a short essay. Don�t try to make a comprehensive analysis. Concentrate on one or two points and elaborate;

5) At least one citation is required though more are encouraged. Please use in-text parenthetical citations or footnote format. You must also include a work citation page. Acceptable sources include academic journals and books. Websites such as wikipedia, though rich in information, are not considered academic, therefore not acceptable sources;

6) Students are encouraged to browse the internet and/or read books or articles for more information, but plagiarism is not tolerated;