Control Design Methods for Flight Control Systems Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

The topic mentioned here is supposed to be a “chapter” of my graduate paper related to “Automatic Flight Control Systems
(A.F.C.S.)”. Please ensure to take the data (control system block and flight models) from IEEE papers and ScienceDirect only.
The reason for this is I would like to use this data (models) for simulation purposes. I’ve attached a file (2 chapters) from one
of the textbooks that I’m using as reference. Some details from here can be used just for the sake of “Introduction” to the
chapter (e.g.: “AFCS as a Control Problem”). After the introduction of this chapter, I would like to have the following as subchapters
(made out of models/controls systems mentioned in IEEE papers/ScienceDirect):
1. Design of Flight Control System (F.C.S.) using Fuzzy Logic.
2. Design of Flight Control System (F.C.S.) using Robust Control.