Content Analysis of media + a short Report Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

The task:
-To design a small content analysis of media, undertake it, and write a short report.
-(the analysis needs to be a political analysis of media)
-You can choose the topic and the subject matter
-The quantum of material to be analysed is:
8 hours worth of your time

Report format:
-Introduction to the topic

Number of sources/references: doesn’t need to be a lot, just as many as you think the content analysis requires

Word Count:
-500 words
-The raw data and coding (of the content analysis) isn’t included in the word count since it’s not part of the actual report.

Use your report format to save words:
*bulleted lists
*put extraneous material in an appendix.
*and only put the most important material in the report itself.

(Textbook instructions on how to complete the content analysis part of the assignment-I will send separately)

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