Concept Map – Splenectomy/Endocrine

Concept Map – Splenectomy/Endocrine

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Concept Map – Splenectomy/Endocrine:

Example of what Concept Map is attached:

Ms. S is a 64 year-old retiree who was admitted to the hospital for an emergency splenectomy following a fall. Her medical history includes: Type II diabetes for the past 10 years, hypothyroidism, atrial fibrillation, and obesity. Until her fall, she had not had any problems related to her spleen. Her mother was also had diabetes and all of her siblings have atrial fibrillation. Medications: Synthroid, Metformin, atenolol, and a baby aspirin a day.

It is now three days post op and the large abdominal wound from her surgery is red and draining yellow drainage. Her vital signs are 145/80; HR-90, R-20, T-100.8 F.

In your concept/patho map be sure to include all the steps from the risk factors to the development of the diseases or problems following her splenectomy. The more details you can provide the better. Please make sure that you put your name on your paper.

Here are the areas to be sure to include in your concept map:

> Splenectomy: relationship among splenectomy and infectious processes; impact on red blood cells and oxygenation; stress related to surgery; impact on blood glucose.

> Hypothyroidism: impact on cardiac system; blood glucose, skin, immunity, tissue perfusion

> Diabetes: relationship among obesity, insulin resistance, changes in vessels, circulation, WBCs, relationship between blood glucose and pathogens

> Atrial fibrillation: what happens to cardiac output, WBCs, oxygenation of tissues, impact on infection

> Systems connectivity: indicate all relationships between and among the various systems