comparing in health and education between countries in Africa and rich country Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

first of all I want you to use some website as a reference for doing this data analysis You can find so many in ( Publications )

instructor for the case/ if I am bank that want to borrow a countries that need help such Ghana or some poor country in Africa, and they want to know donate or lead them some money but you don’t know how much.

So the question will be for each section:


1- How much it cost to build a school for 100 or 200 student. ( for the real estate, and everything to be done )

2- How much it cost for the school to each student per year or semester.

3- what is the perfect students number for a school

# I want the answer to be based on average, means the props of this case is for poor countries. So I want the cost for example in USA and Korea and Africa
Health ( building hospital )

1- How much it cost to build a hospital in Africa ( Eritrea …etc)

2- How much it cost to have a hospital with 59 bed, and 100 bed .. etc

3- What is the estimated cost for hospital each year.

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PS: You find many many reliable pdf article in links above especially in world bank website.

You also can enter the website for governments if you want.