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Essential reading
1). Nancy Lord, early warming: crisis and response in the climate changed north. (Read at least the introduction(page 110)
and one full chapter or part of this book, preferably part 5.
2). Elizabeth kolbert, “the darkening sea.”
3).. Carl Herndl , Barbara rockenbach, and Aaron Ritzenberg, “Rhetorical strategies and writing for change” (page 38488
of Herndl’s sustainability: A reader for writers).
Writing task.
Using Elizabeth Kolbert’s “The darkening sea,” and the introduction and at least one chapter of Nancy Lord’s Early
Warming, write a comparative analysis of the effectiveness of the rhetorical strategies used in each work.
To what extent is each writer successful in confronting what Herndl, Rockenbach and Ritzenberg call “the rhetorical
challenge of sustainability”? What rhetorical strategies do Lord and Kolbert use to make climate change visible and to
compel their readers to care enough to at least consider taking action? on the whole, which author handles this challenge
more successfully? Explain your reasoning.
Your essay as a whole should be take the form of a thesisdriven
argument. This thesis should be summed up in thesis
statement that is clearly and directly delivered in your first paragraph. Each subsequent paragraph should clearly advance
some aspect of this thesis.