Company research paper

Assignment Instructions:

Locate a company in your field of study that is currently hiring for a position of interest. Copy and paste the ad outlining the position and incorporate it into a separate word document to be uploaded with your research paper. (my field of study is business management)

(Ideally the company you research will also be the basis for your InterviewStream Mock Interview and your Informational Interview)

Requirements for the job:

The position must relate to your field of study. It cannot be with your current company and cannot be a position that you currently hold. ( I am not holding any position)

Research the company and then write a one single spaced page paper (1 inch margins) describing what you found. Be certain to cite your sources so that we can identify how you conducted your research.

Answer the following questions:

What does the company do?

Is the company a good fit for you? Why or why not?

What about the company excites you?

What makes the company unique? How does it differentiate itself from its competitors?

What can you bring to the company?

If given the chance, what are three questions that you would ask the company?