COLLAGE Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

• Do not use quotes.
• Put this in your own words. Plagiarism results a zero (0).
1. What is collage?
2. Discuss the materials used and the process of creating a collage.
3. Looking at your textbook, A World of Art, 7th edition, find the image and text in Chapter 11, Painting, The Creative
Process, page 252253,
figure 11.31.
Cut with the Kitchen Knife Dada through the Last Weimer Beer Belly Cultural Epoch of Germany. Artist: Hannah Höch
4. Find an area you find interesting. Divide her artwork with an imaginary line, vertically down the middle and horizontally
across the middle.
5. State the area. upper right hand corner, upper left hand corner, lower right hand, or lower left hand corner? Do not
discuss the entire artwork.
6. Why do you find that part interesting? Do not discuss the entire artwork.
7. Reading the accompanying text in your textbook pertaining to that area of your interest, what is the artist illustrating? The
text will help you decipher it