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Acting as a business consultant to Trust for London prepare a report and project plan (Gantt chart or similar) which recommends key measures for reducing pollution in London caused by:

1. Commercial Vehicles

2. Industrial waste

The report should make general recommendations for each in terms of key areas of emission of greenhouse gases and suggest the most appropriate means of reducing.
For example, you may recommend replacing diesel road vehicles with battery. You will then need to consider how the electricity is generated.

Assessment Strategy
The report should include but not necessarily be limited to:
• Transferring freight to “greener” transport modes.
• E-business, e-logistics and the environment
• Reducing the environmental impact of warehousing.
• The role of governments in promoting green logistics
• Carbon auditing of companies, supply chains and products.
• Key areas of applicable law.
For each of the points you are required to produce evidence to support your recommendations.

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