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Subject #1 : Considering the schematic below for Water:
Condensation @ 100 ºC                          Freezing @ 0 ºC      

Gas / Steam    =======================    Liquid    ====================    Solid / Ice
             Boiling  @ 100 ºC                                     Melting  @ 0 ºC

a)    Draw a plot (with Temperature in Celsius degrees on the y-axis and Time in minutes on the x-axis)

for the cooling of a mass of Water from 113 degrees Celsius to -17 degrees Celsius (4 points).

b)    Discuss each step on the graph in terms of the heat that is transferred and its impact on the

Temperature of the mass of Water and on the State of Matter for Water (4 points).

c)    Is the overall conversion (from the initial Temperature to the final Temperature) an Exothermic or

an Endothermic process and explain your choice of an answer! (4 points).

Subject #2 : The Radioactive Isotope Sr-90 undergoes an Alpha Decay.
a)    What Isotope is produced when Sr-90 loses 1 Alpha Particle? Write the reaction for the Alpha Decay

(4 points).

b)    Provide the Number of Protons and the Number of Neutrons for all Isotopes involved (Reactants or

Products)! Fill in the table below: (4 points)

Substance    Isotope Symbol    Number of Protons    Number of Neutrons
Example: C-14        146C    6    8
Reactant Isotope
Product Isotope

c)    Can Sr-90 be used in Positron Emission Tomography (PET)? Explain your choice of an answer and

provide 2 arguments in favor of your decision! (8 points)
d)    The Half-Life Time of Sr-90 is 38.1 years. If we have a mass of 120 micrograms Sr-90, after how many

years we will be left with just 3.75 micrograms Sr-90? (6 points)

Subject #3: A Registered Nurse is asked to prepare by dilution a 0.9 % (mass by volume) NaCl (IV) solution

from a Manufacturer supplied Stock Solution of NaCl. The Stock Solution has a volume of 1,368 mL and a

concentration of 4.95 % (mass by volume).
a)    What volume (in mL) of IV Saline solution will the Nurse prepare out of 1 quarter of the Stock

Solution? (6 points)

b)    Explain how the Nurse performs the hands on action of making the IV Solution from the Stock

Solution. Consider that the Nurse has access to a balance, volumetric cups and cylinders, test tubes, flasks

and deionized Water (4 points).

c)    If the Registered Nurse makes the mistake of not diluting the Stock Solution, and instead is giving

it to the patient as it was received, explain what will happen to the patient’s red blood cells in the

process. Please be very detailed (transfer phenomena happening, types of solution in contact, name of the

red blood cell degradation, etc)! (6 points)

Subject #4:
a)    Write the Ionization Reaction of Mg(OH)2 in Water and name the Products of this Reaction (name the

resultant Ions)! Because this Reaction is the Ionization of a Base in Water, place the Reactant Water above

the Conversion Symbol (straight or double reversible arrow)! (4 points)

b)    Magnesium Hydroxide is used as Antiacid in many formulations available on the market under different

names. Provide 2 reasons why this Base is used as an Antiacid! (6 points)

c)    Which component of the Carbonic Acid / Bicarbonate Buffer will Neutralize the Hydroxide Ions

provided by the dissociation of the Magnesium Hydroxide? Write the Neutralization Reaction that happens in

this case (6 points)!

Subject #5: Write the Addition Reaction between  2, 3, 4, 4 – Tetramethyl, 2 – Pentene and Chlorine (6


Subject #6: Draw the Structures of the following Hydrocarbons! ( All read left to right, 3 points each, 12

points total) :

a)    4, 6 – Diethyl, 2, 3, 3, 6 – Tetramethyl, 5 – n-Propyl Nonane

b)    4 – Ethyl, 2, 3, 6 – Trimethyl, 4 – Octene

c)    3 – Ethyl, 2, 4 – Dimethyl, 1, 4 – Pentadiene

d)    5 – Ethyl, 2, 2 – Dimethyl, 3 – Heptyne

Subject #7: Write the Chemical Reaction between Ethyl, Methyl, n-Propyl Amine and HCl. This type of reaction

is used in the pharmaceutical industry to make the synthetic drugs soluble in water, so they can be

administered to patients. (8 points)

Subject #8 : Build the Structures of the following Organic Compounds (3 points each, 12 points total):

a)    Di iso-Propyl, Methyl Amine

b)    n-Propyl, iso-Propyl Ether

c)    4 – Ethyl, 2, 5 – Dimethyl, 3 – Hexanone

d)    3 – Methyl, Pentanoic Acid


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