Changing Gender Roles

Changing Gender Roles

Paper instructions:

Argumentative Synthesis Essay

Write an argumentative synthesis essay (2000-2300 words) on one of the topics below. The topics are general. You need to formulate your research question and craft your argument. This essay is research based. Support your argument and premises with credible sources from the internet and/or books. You may use up to 6 sources.

1. A Vindication of The Rights of Woman (Mary Wollstonecraft)

2. Gals and Dolls: The Moral Value of œBad Toys (Marni Jackson)

3. What I’ve Learned from Men ( Barbara Ehrenreich )

4. The Smurfette Principle (Katha Pollitt)

5. Lagging Far Behind: Woman in the Middle East (Judith Colp Rubin)

6. Who Says a Woman Can’t Be Einstein? (Amanda Ripley)