Change Management Process

Change Management Process

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In one of this course’s optional reading resources, Hunter and Westerman (2009) list four changes led by IT that can improve business performance. These are Optimizing, Reshaping, Internal Informing, and External Informing. Other experts in organizational change will list a variety of changes that can be led by IT, and you have likely seen changes in organizations that were driven or led by IT.

For this assignment, write a paper that describes, in practical terms, how such changes could be implemented in an existing and mature IT organization. Support the change processes you suggest with change management theory. Some possible seminal sources for organizational change theory would be Kurt Lewin, Peter Senge, and Edgar Schein. Feel free to cite their works or any other peer-reviewed sources that you feel make a strong case for your proposed processes. In your paper:

  • Propose a change management process for implementing changes in an organization that will improve business performance, including a supported rationale.
  • Describe an implementation process for IT changes in a change management process, supported by change management theories.
  • Evaluate IT leadership’s role in a proposed change management process.

Your paper should be 3–4 double-spaced pages and include 2–3 academic sources that support your perspectives. Remember to use proper APA format for your paper, including citations and references. Review the scoring guide to be sure that you have addressed the grading criteria for this assignment.