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Business- Power Point

Job analysis is a core skill for HR professionals and a key task for organizations to perform. So many of
the employment decisions are based on this one task. The purpose of the activity is for you to gain practice
in conducting a job analysis and to gain knowledge about the methods to collect data for the analysis.

You are asked to develop a plan to gather data for a job analysis, use at least two of the methods to gather
data, write a short job description and job specification  based on the data you have gathered. If you do
not have a position in a typical office, retail establishment or production facility you can use, seek out a
position from elsewhere. The opportunities could include a server at a restaurant, a service provider in
your home, your hair stylist, a sales assistant, the receptionist at your doctor’s office or perhaps your
child’s au pair, tutor, teacher or nanny.

After you have selected your methods for collecting the data, select the position (a job) to analyze and use
at least two of the methods for collecting data, collect the data using the methods selected and summarize
your findings in a short job description and job specification.

1.  Provide an academic definition of job analysis and a short description of how it is used in
organizations. Provide an in text citation for the definition.
2.  The position you selected to analyze.
3. The methods you selected for gathering data, an academic definition of each, an in text citation and the

pros and cons of each data collection method you selected.
4. The rationale for why you selected the methods you did (tell why you selected the methods you did).
5.  A description of your experience in collecting the data (how did it go? – was is easy, hard, stressful?
for example).
6.  A short sample position description and job specification you were able to design based on the data you
gathered. Include an academic definition of position. description and specification along with the in text
citation for each.
7.  Suggestions for data gathering if you were to complete this assignment again and desire to make it even
more accurate.
present your data in no more than 10 slides including your title slide and reference page (recall that if
you have in text citations you must also have a reference page and it is to be in APA format including
displayed in alphabetical order). Keep all the relevant content in the slide content area and use the notes
area on the slide for other supplemental information


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