Business Plan Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

Executive summary
Paper details
Begin with a clear, compelling Business Description & Vision, including the Business name. What products and services
the business will be selling. What Do you Do and What Do you sell? Clearly describe the new business?
Capture the essence of your business, brand, product, retail opportunity? Present the Market Opportunity and Strategy –
sell the market potential!
Sell the distinctive elements of the business, the unique competitiveness and strategy for success?
Excite the reader about the industry, market potential and future opportunity?
Is the Summary clear and exciting? Does it make the reader want to continue reading, explore this new business
opportunity and meet the entrepreneurs to learn more details?
Brief description of your Target Market and the Industry you are entering
Competitive Advantages, distinctive market advantages, your unique road to success
Business Model Overview – How will you generate revenue, short term and long term goals, including Projected Sales,
Profitability and market share potential
Communicate the first year goals and future dreams for the business?
Introduce (briefly) the Founding team – their credentials and passion for this venture.
Have you included the most important strategies, plans, data from the main sections of the plan (Company, Product &
Services, Industry & Market Analysis, Marketing Strategy, Operations, Management Team, Financial Goals and request for
investment capital)?
The Offering, request for money or investors – close with the request for funds or potential investors in your new company.