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Business Law Discussion Case

Discussion Case 1 – Airline Ticket

Ms. Jones, a busy executive with a large company, arranged to fly from Arizona to London on March 15, via British Airways. British Airways gave her a round-trip ticket that included an American Airlines flight from Arizona to New York. (In air travel, each airline on a connecting flight is the agent of the other airlines involved.) During the trip to New York, Jones’s flight was rerouted so that she had to fly to Chicago first and then to New York. During the Chicago stopover, the flight developed engine trouble, causing a substantial delay. American Airlines personal assured Jones that if she missed the connecting flight, American would arrange for her to take the next Air France flight out of New York.

After the engine problem was fixed, American delayed the departure an additional two hours. Jones was again assured that if she missed the scheduled flight, American would make arrangements for her. Jones missed her British Airways New York flight to London by minutes and was put up in a hotel in New York at American’s expense. Again, American assured Jones that it would get her on the next Air France flight.

The next day, Jones called British Airways to see if American had made arrangements for her, and was told that no arrangements had been made. When she contacted American, Jones was told that American would make arrangements immediately. After waiting several hours, Jones was told that American could no longer help her. Jones had to be in London the next day for an important business meeting. Because British Airways no longer had economy class seats available, Jones had to pay an extra $1,500 to fly business class.

When her trip was over and she returned to the States, Jones filed suit against American for the $1,500 upgrade charge. American argued that Conditions of Contract printed on the back of her ticket disclaimed any liability for failure to make connections. She looked, and those Conditions were clearly printed on her ticket.

Did Jones have a valid claim against American?  If so, under what theory / theories? If not, why not?

Be sure to discuss this case using a full IRAC analysis. Be sure to cite your references.

Discussion Case 2 – The Car Collector

Carlo took his vintage Ferrari to Italian Motors, Inc., for repairs. He told the mechanic to repair the engine. Instead of repairing the engine, the mechanic replaced the engine with a rebuilt engine. Carlo did not know this until he was given the bill for the work.  The mechanic claimed that replacement of the engine was the most economical thing to do.  Was Carlo liable for the cost of the new engine and the labor involved?
discuss these issues showing why you think they do or don’t apply.

1.   Does the UCC apply to this transaction?
2.   Does the Statute of Frauds bar enforcement?
3.   Is there an implied contract under common law?
4.   Does the equitable remedy of quasi-contract apply?
Be sure to discuss this case using a full IRAC analysis. Be sure to cite your references.