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Preparation of the Report
When preparing your Business Report please note the following.
1. In order to address the points listed above to a reasonable standard it is expected that you undertake research related to management accounting tools and techniques. If you reproduce the topic slides/re-enforcement activities material in your discussion you will receive a mark of zero for that section of your report. Your topic slides and relevant readings should be used only as a starting point for your research.
2. You must prepare your report in a professional format that would be suitable for presentation to Rob Inglis, the owner of Blue Moon. Although the preceding points are numbered, they must not be regarded as a list of questions, but as a guideline of the issues that must be addressed in your Business Report.
3. This assessment is worth 10 per cent of your total grade.
4. The due date is Saturday 20th of August at 23.59.
5. The word guideline for the Business Report is 1,500 words.
6. Please ensure you attach a front page to your Business Report which provides
a. the title of your Report
b. your name
c. class time where you are officially enrolled.

Information on Submission of Assignments

• This course uses Turnitin as part of its assessment process.
• Please submit .doc or .docx files only.

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