Brochure, Newsletter, or Presentation on a Religion

Select one (1) of the religions we have studied with which you were least familiar before you started the course (Buddhism, or Judaism). Create a brochure, newsletter, or presentation in which you focus on one of the significant ways that the beliefs and practices of the religion are demonstrated today: festivals OR meditation OR rites of passage.
1. Provide a brief overview of the religion you selected that includes:

a description of the central beliefs of the religion.
a description of the sacred text(s) of the religion.
the origin of the religion, including key figures associated with the religion, if applicable.

2. Choose one (1) of the following examples of how the religious beliefs are demonstrated today:

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Major festivals (i.e. Easter Procession, Diwali).
Forms of meditation (i.e. prayer, yoga).
Rites of passage (i.e. marriage, funerals).

3. Describe the festival OR meditation OR rites of passage:

Identify the country or countries where practiced.
Identify the participants and their roles.
Explain how the practice is rooted in the beliefs of the religion.
Identify whether any sacred texts are associated with the practice and if so, explain how the text is used as part of this practice.

4. Write an œAbout the Author section in the brochure, newsletter, or presentation that includes:

a brief statement about why you choose this religion and practice for your brochure.
a brief statement of an aspect of the practice that is intriguing to you.
a brief statement about whether you have had the opportunity to personally observe the practice; if not, whether you would like to have this opportunity, and explain why or why not.

5. Include five to eight (5-8) relevant images.

6. Format your text and images to make the information engaging, attractive, and easy to read.

7. Use at least three (3) quality resources.

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