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*Purpose of the assignment: to become familiar with the following components of boiler systems ( Gage Glass, Water
Column, Mud Drum, Steam Drum, Pressure gauge, Tri cocks, Feed water pump, Sample cooler, Feed water tank, Blow
down separator / tank ) * Procedure; 1from
the website of packaged boiler manufactures locate really good
representations of each of the components previously listed in “purpose” above. apply arrows and labels to your pictures
showing each item in use. 2write
in your report where you found each item and explain it’s purpose. (ie.: Mud drum
shown located on a cleaver brooks water tube boiler. a mud drum is used to accumulate sediment for elimination during
blowdown. found on the cleaver books website *For this lab report use MS word and insert the
pictures that you found. Apply labels and arrows to your pictures indicating the components using the software. Do not
label your pictures by hand. Do not include text or brochures from the website.