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Topic: Sleep

o Slide 1: Before this week’s readings, what were your thoughts on sleep? How much sleep did you think people needed, and why did you think we slept? Have your ideas changed as a result of what you have learned?

o Slide 2: Describe how theories of sleep have evolved over time based on new research findings and technological advances in the field of biopsychology.

o Slide 3: Based on what you have learned and the current state of our society, what future studies do you think need to be conducted in order to help social problems we have with sleep deprivation?

Summarize your answer on each slide and go into more detail in the Notes section. You may also choose to record your presentation. In this case, you can narrate the details rather than writing them in the Notes section. Back up your opinions with evidence from the readings this week and from your own experiences. You may also incorporate studies or news stories into your presentation.


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