Aviation managemnt

Your assignment must be completed in the report

format of 1,000 words. For this length, the

expectation is that you will make use of headings

and paragraph numbering using guidance from the

Writing Style Manual listed on Learning@Griffith.

ï‚· Assignment 1 requires you to write a report on a

past or present project in the aviation or aerospace

industries where good or bad project management

resulted in success, failure or a combination of both.

Students may choose a project that is significant

such as formation of an airline, an airline support

enhancement, airport or air traffic management

development, aircraft research / development /

manufacturing, maintenance or logistics operations.

You may use a defence or commercial example. The

topic is to be different from that selected for

Assignment 2.

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ï‚· In the report, you should provide an adequate

background, identify the project-related problems

addressed, how the project addressed these

problems and how successful the actions were. Your

analysis should apply theories and material included

in lectures up to and including Week 4, focusing on

the strategic level where possible.

ï‚· As a tip, you should select a topic where there is

adequate material in the public domain relating to

the project management theories being applied to

your analysis.

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