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You have an idea for a new company, but need to attract investors. In order to do so, you create a report to potential investors detailing what you hope to accomplish with your new company. In your 10-page report, address the following:

1. Briefly identify the company

2. Write a grand strategy plan addressing the 15 identified elements:

a. Concentrated Growth
b. Market Development
c. Product Development
d. Innovation
e. Horizontal Acquisition
f. Vertical Acquisition
g. Concentric Diversification
h. Conglomerate Diversification
i. Turnaround
j. Divestiture
k. Liquidation
l. Bankruptcy
m. Joint Ventures
n. Strategic Alliances
o. Consortia, Keiretsus, and Chaebols

3. Evaluate three types of business strategies (low-cost, differentiation, and speed-based) and determine which is most appropriate for the business you chose based on your grand strategy plan. Justify your choice. Using a combination of business strategies is acceptable, as long as you explain the reasoning behind your approach.

4. Describe how you would implement your business strategy and assess the functional tactics you would implement.
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