Attitudes, knowledge and Opinions Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

This is a research report with a minimum of 1500 words, it requires 3 aims:
1. the attitudes
2. the knowlwdge
3. the opinions
The aim of the Report is to research 3 testable variables based on your selected topic. They are:

the attitudes
the knowledge
the opinions
The variables MUST be testable in your Report.

You need to develop a Hypothesis. The purpose of a hypothesis is to focus on an argument in an academic body of work.
The Report structure has a specific focus.
After reading the literature, developing a hypothesis and conducting a survey (10-15 participants/sample) you need to write about what you have found.
This written document is called a Report.

Reports follow a standard structure in the same way that discursive essays follow a standard structure.
What is the basic structure of a report?

Types of reports can vary greatly; they can range from an experimental report, to an environmental impact statement. There is however, a basic structure common to most reports, irrespective of their specific type.

Major components of your Report: You must have each of these in your report submission.

Title Page – The research topic, hypothesis, your name & student ID.
Table of Contents – A list of the major and minor sections of your report.
Abstract – In less than 150 words… what was the problem, how was it investigated, what did you find and what do your findings mean.
Introduction – Set the scene; give some background information about the topic. State the aim/purpose of the investigation. Outline the body sections.
Main Body – Organise the sections in a logical sequence: what you investigated, what you found, what interpretations and what judgements you made. Use short informative headings and subheadings.
Conclusion – What has been achieved and what is the significance of your findings and your discussion? Have your aims been successful or not?
Recommendations – What do you recommend as a course of action following your conclusion?
References – A list of all the sources you used to justify your claim/s.
Appendices – Any information (graphs, charts, tables or other data) you used in your report but did not include in the body section including the blank questionnaire/s and participants’ responses.