Assume that you own a clothing company in, say, Vietnam. Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

the feedback:
• Overall, a good plan with some interesting ideas
which deserve further development and
investigation. Be careful that you are not trying
to cover all of the ‘f actors’ that you may identify
from the literature though. Be more focused,
• A few references are mentioned. Whilst you
may ref er to cross-disciplinary literture, you
should focus more on consumer behaviour
• Make sure to reflect more on the assignment
context i.e. ‘clothing’ broadly.
• Need more work. Make sure your coursework
mainly stays in the literature of consumer
• Need more reading around academic journal
articles, please.
• The layout should be more professional and
academic-look-like product.

Coursework details
Assume that you own a clothing company in, say, Vietnam. You want to know whether country-oforigin
effects will work in your favour or against you in developed markets such as the U.S.,
Canada, the U.K. and so on. Answer the following questions:
1. Critically discuss what effect country-of-origin has on consumers.
2. Make some marketing recommendations on how these issues identified could be

Essay Style
This is an academic essay and it must answer the questions stated above. The essay should be
word-processed, use Times New Roman 12-point font and 1.5 line spacing. The word limit is No
more than 3000 words including in-text references/citations but not the references list, and No
appendices are allowed. Word count must be clearly indicated in the coursework. A 10% reduction
of the overall mark will be applied if the essay fails to meet the stated word count.

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