Assimilation Essay, Cherokee Removal Time Period

Paper instructions:

Write an essay on the topic of ASSIMILATION, using at least FOUR documents from the books The Cherokee Removal (Perdue, 2005) and Talking Back to Civilization Hoxie, 2001). (note “ that is four documents total, spread out between the two books).
How you write about assimilation is up to you, but you will want to find some kind of theme that ties the documents together. For example:
Comparing and Contrasting American Indians who chose NOT to assimilate in both time periods.
Comparing and Contrasting American Indians who chose TO assimilate in both time periods.
Evaluating the effectiveness of Assimilating versus Not Assimilating.
Examining Religion or Education or Government, etc. and how American Indians used those arenas to debate assimilation.
You get the picture I hope, but please feel free to ask me any questions you have about your topics.
A few more details:
Write at least 1000 words “ that’s a minimum, not a maximum.
Cite your sources using a formal citation style.

Essays will be graded holistically, based on whether you:
have a strong, analytical thesis (i.e. “ do you discuss how and the why rather than just the who/what/when/where) that answers the prompt.
support your thesis with plenty of detail from the introduction and documents
demonstrate an understanding of the historical context
organize your essay effectively
use college level writing
follow the instructions