Assignment: Split Horn

Assignment: Split Horn

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Assignment: Split Horn
For this assignment, you will be watching a video called Split Horn. If the link does not work, copy and paste the URL in a new browser tab. After watching, write an essay that includes the following information:

In at least two paragraphs, discuss 3-4 things you learned about the Hmong population from the video. Topics can include history, culture, traditions, etc. Discussing them does not mean simply listing 3-4 things. Explain what you learned. (5 points)
In at least a paragraph, using explanation from the video and/or other internet sources (if needed), explain the role the Shaman has in the Hmong community. Include some specific examples from Split Horn. (5 points)
From chapter 4, explain the concept of assimilation, including Gordon’s three phases as discussed on pages 112-113. Make sure to define assimilation and the three types as discussed by Gordon. (5 points)
Provide specific 3-4 examples of the ways in which Paja Thao’s children had assimilated to American culture. Again, do not simply list 3-4 things. Explain how it reflects the concept of assimilation and the three types as discussed in #3. (5 points)
5 points are also awarded for formatting, grammar, and organization