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The authors (Rousseau, Mill ) agree that humans ought to be “free” and should cherish and devise ways to ensure their freedom, and they agree that one key role of the state is to protect this inalienable right. Explain how these authors – USING THE TEXTS – define or understand freedom, and explain the POLITICAL necessity to safeguard freedom. In other words, what beyond analytic reasoning is at stake here? Why is freedom important for us? How, according to each author, should the state ensure it and protect it, and what possible effects does freedom or lack of it have on society and individuals according to the different authors?
It is very important that the Thesis contains a claim that unites a discussion of the texts provided.

For the references, Please use as much as you think is needed to support the ideas discussed. Hence, NO outside sources or references. You need to quote from the texts provided, providing references and page number everytime you do.




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