Analysis of Oil Prices Fall in Relation to Kuwait’s Current Deficit Crisis Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

(Paper will be published and peer evaluated)
(I basically need to analyze the reasons for oil price fall, make a regression model, discuss impact on GCC and Kuwait, analyze what Kuwait and GCC have done to face the problem, and make any relevant recommendations)

Introduction: –
-State what is the problem you need to analyze
-Methodology used
-expected outcomes

Body: –
-Reasons of falling prices (supply, demand, shale oil, geopolitical, global decline in economic growth, strong US $, etc..)
-Analyze the trend of oil prices
-Econometric work using a simple regression of different independent variables against the oil price as the dependent variable.
-implications of falling prices on Arab Gulf Countries Council (GCC) and Kuwait in particular.
-Give some background about the fiscal measures and deficit scenarios in GCC and Kuwait.
-Response of Kuwait to fiscal pressure.
-Evaluation of proposed plans
-Conclusion and policy recommendation
-We need a comprehensive set of statistics, analysis, and graphs to support the case.

Sources: –
-All references should be scholarly
-No specific number is needed. I just put at least 20 considering that my rejected draft used 13 references.
-Must refer to: Saudi 2030 Vision
-Must refer to what Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, and Oman did to face the crisis.
-OPEC web site: Oil Market Reports, annual statistic bulletin, and oil world bulletin
-World energy agency

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