Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management Academic Essay – Write My School Essay

  • Describe the scope for risk management that you will conduct – explain why you decided upon this scope and the impact of these factors on the organisation. Areas for scope include:
  • Political environment
  • Economic climate
  • Social factors
  • Legislation
  • Technological advancements
  • Policy context
  • Document critical success factors, goals or objectives for areas included in the scope.
  • Identify -the internal and external stakeholders and for each and list their issues. Discuss how you will communicate with each of the stakeholders, include details of:
  • key messages & delivery strategies
  • how you will encourage input/ participation
  • Describe what level and type of support you need in order for your risk management plan to be effective and discuss the strategies that you will use in order to obtain that support.
  • Develop a SWOT diagram:
  • Identify the risks that face the organisation, research and provide details of these risks
  • Describe at least two tools/ techniques you could use to generate a list of risks
  • Develop a Risk Matrix:
  • Assess the likelihood of risks occurring
  • Evaluate and prioritise risks for treatment      
  • Develop an Action Plan for treating risks: (Remember to submit your Action Plan)
  • Determine the most appropriate option/s for treating the top two risks that you have identified.
  • What documentation is needed and how will it be completed and stored.
  • Describe the steps that you will take to implement your risk management action plan.
  • Discuss how you will monitor the action plan to ensure that it meets its identified goals.

Explain how you will evaluate the process that you have used to manage these risks.

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