A Brief History of Refugee Crisis in the Middle East: Past, Present, and Future Essay Dissertation Help – Write My School Essay

Essay, 4,000 words offering a literary composition that is analytical and interpretive on the theme of examining humanitarianism.

Assignment topic and structure:

Topic: A Brief History of Refugee Crisis in the Middle East: Past, Present and Future

Essay Structure:

1. Introduction
2. Defining the Refugee: International conventions, legal frameworks and general overview.
3. Refugees in the Middle East – Past (start from 1945 as that will have implications for today)
4. Refugees in the Middle East – Present (examine the current refugee status – not just the statistics, but how the countries like Jordan, Lebanon and others are dealing with refugees)
5. Refugees in the Middle East – Future (what would be the future of refugees in the region?)
6. Discussion (provide a summary of the key arguments and points regarding the refugees in the past, present and future in the Middle East)
7. Conclusion
8. References

Any claim that you are making should be referenced properly. The accepted referencing style is Harvard Referencing System. This style is now used by many academic journals, policy documents and other reading materials. So, when you are reading materials please try to understand how they reference.
It is very important that you have downloaded the Cite Them Right document which is in the VLE. If you can not find that please e-mail us and we will send it to you. Also, I have attached a quick guide to Harvard referencing for your information.
When you reference (academic journal papers, books, articles, policy and practice documents), please make sure that your sources are credible. Please do not use Wikipedia, tabloid newspapers or even the CIA World Factbook as your source of information. You might want to use some sources that are bias to make a point in your essay, but that is different from using not so credible sources throughout your essay.

Word limit:
The word limit of the essay is 4,000 words. Your reference list at the end of your essay, tables, figures, diagrams, maps and any appendices do not count into this word limit.

Tables, Diagrams, Maps and Figures:
You can always include tables, maps, diagrams and figures to explain your key points and arguments in the essay. Please remember that whenever you include tables, maps, diagrams and figures in your essay, they are properly labelled and explained in the main text. This is a rule that apply to the appendices too.