Human Resource Manager – unionization

Human Resource Manager – unionization

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You are the Human Resources manager for large distribution site. Your recent employee opinion survey indicated that overall, employees felt that this was a good place to work. However, recent downturns in the economy have resulted in the loss of large contracts, which provided a significant portion of the company’s revenue. One of the impacts from this loss in revenue is that the company will be unable to provide annual COLA or merit increases for the first time in more than 15 years. You have heard rumors from employees close to you that there is talk about efforts to unionize. What guidelines will you develop for supervisors to successfully respond to employee questions about unionization? What can your supervisors say or do that is legally permissible in this situation?

The thread must include a Scripture reference and at least 2 scholarly sources, plus the text

Moral Reparation and Final Assignment Review

Moral Reparation and Final Assignment Review

Review the assigned readings to prepare for this discussion.


  • From a Christian worldview perspective, what role does moral repair and reconciliation play in the health and growth of diverse communities? 
  • How should you apologize? Why is it important?
  • Present a summary of your assignment and post your final assignment to share with your colleagues. 

Discussion Requirements

  • Initial Posts: 250-350 words

English 1302 commercial to analyze for media analysis essay

English 1302 commercial you have chosen to analyze for you media analysis essay

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Subject or discipline:   Other : English 1302 commercial you have chosen to analyze for you media analysis essay

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For this discussion board, you will post a link to the commercial you have chosen to analyze for you media analysis essay. Your commercial needs to be less than TEN YEARS OLD. Then you will answer the following questions about your commercial. These questions are similar to the ones you answered over the Doritos commercial. This discussion board is the beginning of your paper.

What myth, value, or belief did you find in the commercial? You might list more than one if you have not decided which one to use.

What is your tentative thesis statement?

What evidence are you going to use from the commercial to prove your thesis/claim statement (you might list ethnicity, behaviors or actions of the characters,dialogue, the storyline itself, the background, things or people who are missing and why, etc.)?

Finally, what are the consequences of reinforcing that myth, value, or belief in society?

This discussion board is helping you write your media analysis essay. So please take it seriously! This post is the beginning of your analysis process!

Don’t forget that you have to respond to at least two of your peers (you may respond to more). When responding, please help anyone who is struggling. If you don’t see a clear claim, see if you can help the student by offering up suggestions for improvement. Please keep your comments as positive as possible. This is a very difficult assignment, and it may take some students more than one time to “get it.” If someone is WAY off, I’ll let him or her know. This forum is to allow you to help each other and get possible other ideas. So keep it positive!

Appearance and Weight Discrimination

Appearance and Weight Discrimination

Several EEOC cases have been filed concerning the physical appearance of employees. Court decisions consistently have allowed employers to set dress codes and appearance standards as long as they are applied uniformly. For example, establishing a dress code for women but not for men has been ruled discriminatory. Also, employers should be cautious when enforcing dress standards for female employees whose religions prescribe appropriate and inappropriate dress and appearance standards. Some individuals have brought cases of employment discrimination based on height or weight. Employers must link any weight or height requirements to specific job functions.

Complying with this complex array of regulations requires diligence and careful recordkeeping. Appendix G provides details on the EEO enforcement process, information about records retention, and the investigation process.

What are the pros and cons to physical exercise programs?

What are the pros and cons to physical exercise programs?

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What are the managerial/leadership implications/responsibilities?

What are the strategic organizational implications/responsibilities?

Impact on employees, resources, and/or stakeholders?

What are the legal concerns for employers (if any)? (use attachment chapter 3)

What laws specifically apply to the issue(s)?

Biblical integration (not a separate section at the end of the document) Integrate Scripture throughout the document as appropriate to support the analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of the selected topic.

At least 1 scholarly source that is less than 10 years old.

Ethical Principles in IT policy

Ethical Principles in IT policy

Discuss an application or IT policy that is used at your current or previous employer that would be considered a violation of ethical principles as discussed in the Wright (2011) article. What are the unintended impacts on stakeholders in the organization?

Response Guidelines

Respond substantively to at least two of your coursemates, sharing your insights and experiences. Consider proposing an approach to integrate an ethical framework into your chosen IT policy. What factors need to be considered?

Origin of Political Beliefs

Origin of Political Beliefs

Academic level   Undergraduate. (yrs 1-2)

Type of paper     Discussion Essay

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